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How To Save Money On $10000 Kitchen Renovation

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With $10,000 kitchen renovation budget, your dream kitchen is pretty much within reach. But to make it happen, you need increased insight on how to save money in your remodeling both before and during the project. Even with a strong concern for quality, you can still what you want regardless of tight budget.

Reading down the lines, these tips will help you avoid some common kitchen remodel mistakes which often prove very expensive.

Better to know now than after you already half way through the project. Now let’s dive in.

Hire A Kitchen Designer

Should I hire a kitchen designer? That’s the question that often pops up and down in the mind of people who have current need for improvement. From the onset, some people think that the choice to avoid remodeling designer cost will save them money.

Well, that’s always true if you have the expertise to do all 100% of the tasks required correctly.

From creating a kitchen renovation plan, choosing appliances, working through plumbing to electrical configurations, there are too many in which a professional designer can contribute that build that experience you are craving for. Even a subtle advice which often springs from experience can help you avoid some expensive mistakes.

If you look around and do your search very well, you are bound to find a designer that will accept $1000 or less to help out.

Existing Plumbing Space

Before the first sledgehammer hits your wall, decide on exactly all the things you need. According to Robin Siegerman, design and renovation expert in Miami, FL ‘one of the factors to increases cost during remodeling is buying products during the project’.

So to avoid your $10,000 kitchen renovation budget becoming exhausted before you get exactly what you want, decide all you need upfront and make use of existing plumbing space.

Simply moving sink and dishwasher can increase some avoidable costs.

Explore The Habitat For Humanity Restore

This is a non-profit that accepts home property donations and sells them at very low discounted prices. You can check them in your local area to see how they operate and what is available. The real benefit is that you can get affordable kitchen remodeling products from this source at attractive prices lower than the market rate.

For instance, if you need 4 shelves wood kitchen cabinet you can check out their own price and compare prices with what is obtainable at Amazon and other stores.

Ready-Made Kitchen Cabinet

The point here is that going for custom made cabinets will certainly cost more than what you can buy off the shelf.

If you are trendy and have really high taste, you may as well for custom options that fits your taste. But assuming that is the not the case, you should start with an affordable kitchen furniture comparison to see what is within your budget.

The other important benefit of ready-made kitchen cabinets is easy assembling. This means you can save money on your remodeling project by doing this one yourself. With customized stuff, installation is likely to take some time and money too. So look at your tight budget and choose what’s best for you.

CraigList Alert

Beside the Habitat For Humanity Restore, Craiglist is another great resource where you can get affordable used kitchen furniture. And because of the nationwide appeal of the site, you are very much likely to find something that fits your renovation budget.

Interestingly, they offer an alert system to make it seamless and faster. Here is how it works. You select some keywords descriptive of what you want to buy. Choose location and other options.

And set up the system to alert you via phone or email exactly when the thing you want is posted.

This offers a very fast means to buy cheap furniture online. And with that, you don’t have to spend a lot of time browsing outdated offers.

Don’t Move Appliances

Depending if you are making a total overhaul or not, there may not be need to move your appliances. The fact is that moving appliances often creates extra labor and then cost as well.

Without an expert involved, you may not even know the most efficient way to work things around your sink, dishwasher, countertops, electrical configurations and appliances. So it is better use existing spaces; keeping things the way they are.

Even when you intend to buy new kitchen appliances, make use of existing spaces.

Purchase And Installation Deals

Once again, unless you have the expertise to do everything that is needed in your $10,000 kitchen renovation project, going it alone isn’t the best option.

Especially for electrical appliances, getting an expert help will save you time, money as well as help to avoid some costly mistakes. Check in your local area to see if you can find some kitchen remodeling product vendors that have good relations with installation experts.

Their insight will help you get some comparative discounts. On the other hand, some installation experts also have relationships with product vendors.

Because of their constant purchase and referrals, they often have current price information and bargaining strategies.

Read Past Customer Reviews

Beyond manufacturers’ claims, past and current users of kitchen renovation products can tell a lot more than you know now. Maybe you don’t know anyone to ask for recommendation based on the peculiar product you need right now, that’s where customer reviews comes in.

According to BrighLocal, 84% of local consumers trust online reviews as they do personal recommendations.

Inside Amazon for instance, you can find lots of real reviews from customer whose purchases had been verified. Example, this Cusinart Smart Stick CSB-75BC 200 Hand Blender has got about 5,503 reviews as at the time of this writing.

best kithecn blender reviews 2017

From past customer experience and reviews, you can learnt a lot about product model, functionalities, price, bundles and coupons that will help you save money on your kitchen remodeling.

Beside some of these things mentioned here, you can find lots of other tips on how to cut your renovation cost when you are ready.

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