Best Brands

Brand loyalty makes a great difference in purchase decisions. But when the loyalty and attachment isn’t strong enough, people commit to searching for things like the ‘top 10 home improvement product brands’. Based on the fact that the home renovation needs that bring people to market often vary from person to person, we’ll be looking at some of the best products under each brand.

Specifically we will be looking at them from the perspective of common home improvement needs that bring potential buyers to market from time to time.

As long as you are not living on the street or travelling excessively, our times at home constitutes a big part of our life experience. Hence, there is the need for constant or periodic improvements.

So let’s explore the top 10 brands.

Best Home Improvement Product Brands 2017

  1. Bosch: General Home Appliances

According to National Home Builders Association (US) survey, some of the top home remodeling jobs fall within kitchen, bathroom, whole house and roofing. This might have informed Bosch’s entrenchment in some of the product categories that belongs to the niches mentioned above.

However their main focus seems to be the kitchen appliances. They even a special kitchen blog meant for building brand loyalty and funneling buyer traffic to their main website.

Some of their product includes: –

  • Dish washers
  • Dryers,
  • Oven
  • Refrigerators
  • Coffee machines
  1. Dewalt: Power And Hand Tools

This one seems to be the most popular name when it come to power and hand tools for home improvement. Whether you interested in do it yourself options or for your expert services need, you are bound to find lots of suitable tools for the job.

These guys are real manufacturer currently serving over 25 countries around the world.

A visit to Amazon will help you find the best Dewalt power tool price between $25 and $500. (add affiliate link).

Their main product categories include the following –

  • Woodworking tools
  • Hand tools
  • Air tools
  • Outdoor equipment
  • Construction heaters
  • Generators
  • Accessories
  1. Dremel: Power And Hand Tools

This is one of the best home improvement product brands across different geographic markets. Founded in 1932 by Albert J. Dremel, this company had gained much market share among remodeling service experts and home owners in Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

Dremel power tools are grouped in the following categories –

  • Rotary
  • Oscillating
  • Multi Saw
  • 3D printing
  • Hobby tools
  1. Kohler: Toilet and Bathroom Products

If your own peculiar need revolves around bathroom and toilet repairs and improvements, this could be the best brand for you. From $25 to $300+, you are bound to find some good bathroom remodeling products that suit your budget. Reading the reviews of past customers will provide useful answers to your purchase questions.

Below are some the main home improvement products sold by Kohler.

  • Sinks
  • Valves
  • Shower drain
  • Toilet seat
  • Kitchen faucet
  1. Hydroluxe: Bathroom Products

This is one of the small retailer brands trading inside Their main focus is on bathroom products. In cases where you don’t need whole house remodeling, Hydroluxe is worth considering. As at the time of this writing, they have one of the bestselling products in the bathroom niche within Amazon.

  1. Makita: Lawn And Gardening

Gardening is one other important area of the home that needs constant care. If you don’t spare some time and money for this your home could turn into a breeding ground for pests and reptiles. To help fulfill the needs in this space, Makita makes and sells lots of interesting products.

In fact, when it comes to outdoor power tools, this one seems to be the market leads both in the US and across many other countries.

Some of the home improvement and gardening tools they make include the following: –

  • Angle grinder
  • Cordless blower
  • String trimmer
  • Chain saw
  • Drill kit
  1. Intex: Pool

As the copy in their website read, you can ‘set up a family vacation in your backyard and make some lasting memories’. That’s the experience they promise with their swimming pool products. Founded in 1996 with headquarter in India, this company also well represented inside Amazon.

Their main product lines are as follows –

  • Pools
  • Spas
  • Airbeds
  1. Brighttown: Home lighting

Want to power up your home with new rays of light, Brighttown has got many products that will suit you. Whether for the purpose of generation renovation or replacement, you are bound to find something within your reach. If lighting is part of your current nee, you may want to check out their product range here.(add link).

Brighttown sells products fall within the following categories –

  • Lamps
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Ceiling lights
  • Wall lights

Interestingly, you may as well want to check the wattage and home automation protocol compatibility before making your purchase.

  1. IKEA: Home furniture

Both for the kitchen, living room and bathroom, furniture constitutes a big part of home improvement purchases in each passing month or year.

Across many different countries, IKEA remains a popular furniture and home products brand. And as noted earlier above the preceding paragraphs, brand loyalty makes a lot of difference in purchases decisions. Whether you are looking for wool, wood, leather or glass, you’ll definitely find one from them.

Their most popular products are : –

  • Sofas
  • Desks
  • Home office furniture
  • Wall arts
  • Glass tables
  1. Simpli Safe: Home Security

Without doubt, a listing of the top home improvement brands cannot be complete without security. While you may not need to buy into every trending home security gadget that comes to market, constant monitoring will make it possible to identify things that need replacement.

And regardless of whether you a tenant or home owner, taking proactive measures to secure your home better than it is now could prevent some painful loses.

And you know what hurts most – preventable damages and losses. Simpli Safe helps in that regard with products like these one –

  • Hidden cams
  • Surveillance cams
  • Sensors
  • Motion detectors
  • Alarm systems

Now you don’t have to wait until the damage or loss occurs before looking for a cure. You can check out their top selling home security systems today. You can as well check for home automation compatibility with regard to feature like – Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, ZigBee, Bluetooth, X-10 and HomePlug.

These are the best home improvement product brand for 2017. Probably you are interested in making replacement of brand you used before or someone recommended a proven product, following some of the links mentioned above will lead you to discover and experience the best.